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NMR Cross Link Analyzer and Imager, model MicroMR-CL-I

MR Analyzer,model MicroMR-CL-I from Niumag

NMR Cross Link Analyzer and Imager, model MicroMR-CL-I, from Niumag

Product Description

Brief introduction:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), as an effective non-destructive inspection analysis technology, has been widely used in many fields, such as biomedical, chemical industry, petroleum energy and materials science. Since the first time the NMR signal was discovered in 1945, more than ten scientists have won the Nobel Prize because of their great contributions to NMR development. NMR is now one of the most advanced technologies in the world which have extensive development prospects. About 25 years ago, NMR was first used to study molecular structure and dynamics of cross-linked polymers. Based on De Genne and Kimmich's fundamental theoretical and experimental research, Gronski and others did further research on crosslink density and the network structure of rubber. All of their research proved the consistency of the results given by the NMR method and the traditional methods such as swelling and mechanical test method. With the addition of commercial applications with NMR microscopy and the development of parameter-selection imaging and image analytical technique, both detailed spatial information of morphological structures and image analysis reflecting material properties as molecular dynamics, crosslink density, aging, swelling, etc., all these can be given by NMR. MicroMR-CL was developed for polymer studies. It has been widely used in a local domestic research institutes, and it has made excellent contributions to the polymer industry.
Niumag is a well known NMR equipment corporation, having more than fifty-years of technology accumulation, and maintaining a leading position in NMR equipment manufacturing by continuous research into new technologies and innovation. Low field NMR products developed by Niumag have reached an advanced worldwide level. Now Niumag Corporation can provide high performance, reasonable priced low field NMR imaging systems. Almost all national university laboratories have Niumag equipment, and these devices help make a large contributions to scientific research.
A new generation of Niumag low field NMR analyzing devices have more advanced technologies, including the advanced all-digital spectrometer, ultra-low noise preamplifier, powerful scanning software, and multi-specification end user coils.
With rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, innovative NMdigI spectrometer, outstanding temperature control and imaging functions,the MicroMR-CL-I NMR Crosslink Analyzer (with Imaging Function) can be widely used in NMR and MRI research on polymers. Advanced hardware and friendly software guarantee the accuracy of test results, and save investment and operating costs for the customer. These advantages have been continuously contributing to the extending use of MicroMR-CL-I's application in polymer science.. The MicroMR-CL-I NMR Crosslink Analyzer (with Imaging Function) has a modular design, and is equipped with the best components and tailored to customer needs. Keeping the sample intact makes time longitudinal observation possible, and reduces experimental cost for samples.

Main Functions:

  1. Quick test for crosslink density of rubber and other polymers
  2. T2 measurement by CPMG pulse sequence
  3. T1 measurement by IR pulse sequence
  4. T2* measurement by FID pulse sequence
  5. Inversion of T1, T2 and T2* by various mathematical models
  6. Temperature-varying function


  1. Magnet type: permanent magnet; Magnetic field intensity: 0.5 ±0.05T
  2. Magnetic field uniformity: 30ppm (10mm × 10mm × 25mm)
  3. Magnetic field stability: < 200Hz/Hour
  4. Magnet temperature control: dual system of nonlinear precise temperature control, temperature tunable from 25°C to 35°C
  5. Temperature control accuracy ± 0.05ºC
  6. RF field: pulse frequency: 2 - 30MHz; frequency control accuracy: 0.1Hz
  7. RF power amplifier: peak-to-peak value > 100W, linear distortion < 0.5%
  8. Probe caliber: 10mm
  9. Effective sample detection area: Ø 8.5mm × H 25mm

Operating Conditions:

  • Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Room temperature: 22°C - 28°C
  • Environment humidity: 30 - 70%

Dimensions (L, W, H):

  • Magnet box: 500mm × 410mm × 450mm
  • Electronic box: 800mm × 600mm × 1170mm


For prices or additional information of the NMR Cross Link Analyzer and Imager, model MicroMR-CL-I, from Niumag, please call us at +34 91 546 17 72 or send us an e-mail to :