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MRI Spectrometer, model MicroMR-25

MRI spectrometer, model MicroMR-25, from Niumag

MRI Spectrometer, model MicroMR-25, de Niumag


Product Description

Brief introduction:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as an effective nondestructive analysis technology has been widely used in many fields, such as biomedicine, chemical industry, petroleum energy and materials science. Since the NMR signal was discovered in 1945, more than ten scientists have won the Nobel Prize due to their great contributions to NMR development. In the 1950s the NMR spectrometer was first used in the hydrogen contents of food. In the 90s, the NMR technology was used to investigate water migration of food during preparation and storage, to establish kinetic model of heat and mass transmission, and to study glass transition temperature, etc. All these researches have helped in improving food quality, with the optimization of food preparation and the extension of shelf-life. Developed for food science the Micro-25 has been widely used in a number of National research institutes, making an excellent contribution to food science.
Niumag is a well known National NMR instrument manufacturer, having more than 50 years of technology experience, and maintaining one of the leading positions in NMR equipment manufacturing. This has been achieved by applying new technologies, new research methods and innovation. Low field NMR products developed by Niumag are used worldwide. Now Niumag Corporation can offer high performance, reasonable priced low field NMR imaging systems. Most National University laboratories have some Niumag instrument which during the years have contributed to scientific research. The new generation of low field NMR imaging devices use more advanced technologies, such as an all-digital spectrometer, ultra-low noise preamplifier, powerful scanning software and specially designed sample holder. The MicroMR-25 Micro NMR Imager and Analyzer for Food & Agriculture uses a rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, taking full advantage of the NMdigI spectrometer, and can be used in middle size sample NMR and MRI research. The MicroMR-25 has high image resolution, and by using the special amagnet saves investment and operating costs making it useful in wider areas.
The MicroMR-25 Micro NMR Imager and Analyzer for Food & Agriculture is designed modularly, and manufactured using the best components and tailored to customer needs.

Main Functions:

  1. Quantitative analysis of water and oil in various states
  2. T2 measurement by CPMG pulse sequence
  3. T1 measurement by IR pulse sequence
  4. Inversion of T1 and/or T2 values by various mathematical models
  5. Two-dimensional arbitrary-angle multi-slice T1/T2/PD(Proton Density)-weighed imaging by MSE(Multi-slice Spin Echo) pulse sequence
  6. Three-dimensional imaging by 3DGRE (3D Gradient Echo) pulse sequence
  7. Optional MRI 3D reconstruction, showing inner structure in three dimensions


  1. Magnet type: permanent magnet; Magnetic field intensity: 0.5 ± 0.05T
  2. Magnetic field uniformity: 25ppm (25mm × 25mm × 35mm)
  3. Magnetic field stability: < 200Hz/Hour
  4. Magnet temperature control: dual system of nonlinear precise temperature control, temperature tunable from 25°C to 35°C; temperature control accuracy ± 0.02?°C
  5. RF field: pulse frequency: 2 -30MHz; frequency control accuracy: 0.1Hz
  6. RF power amplifier: peak-to--peak value > 300W, linear distortion < 0.5%
  7. Probe caliber: 25mm
  8. Effective sample detection area: Ř 25.4mm × H 35mm

Operating Conditions:

  • Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Room temperature: 22 - 28°C
  • Environment humidity: 30 - 70%

Dimensioons (L, W, H):

  • Magnet box:490mm × 352mm × 326mm
  • Electronic box:800mm × 600mm × 1170mm

    For prices or addional information of the MRI Spectrometer, model MicroMR-25, from Niumag, please call us at (+34) 91 546 17 72 or send us an e-mail to :